St. Pierre Gas & Car Wash Ltd.

by:Uri Rainisch

St-Pierre Gas & Car Wash Ltd., formerly Shell Express located in Hearst, Ontario, was suffering from a derelict and dysfunctional carwash said Julie St. Pierre. The previous equipment was old and rusted and as you know, old derelict equipment costs more to fix than it does to buy new, said St. Pierre.

“In this northern town of just over 6,000 residents and located almost 950 km north of Toronto, options for carwashes are limited with only a self-serve site on the east side of town,” says St. Pierre. “Capitalizing on this by installing new equipment just made sense.   We did our research and after deliberation we contacted Mark VII Equipment to discuss our choices to retrofit the current site.”

Tim Hickton, business development manager, Ontario and Manitoba for Mark VII stated that “the Mark VII AquaJet XT Touch-Free Rollover with FoamTecs was the best fit for the St. Pierre Gas & Car Wash site.” The FoamTecs equipment applies any foaming chemical to the vehicle in a thick sheet of foam. This feature also includes a programmable, multi-colored LED light show that provides a great customer experience. We are supplying them with chemical from Zep Vehicle Care including Rain-X Online Protectant and Armor-All Professional Velocity Clear Coat Protectant.”

Choosing carwash equipment isn’t always an easy choice, but the tech service offered by Mark VII made the choice easy, says St. Pierre.

Including local businesses within this retrofit was important to St. Pierre who noted that both B&C Automation and Northern Maintenance were contracted for both the electrical service and the carwash door repairs.

With a Facebook page Shell Express is an active business within the community and utilizes social media to keep their customers up-to-date on specials and gas prices on a daily basis.



Shell Express in Hearst Facebook page customer comments

Offering something new and unique, our customers are really happy and that, as owners, is what really counts said St. Pierre.

Louisette Elvrum Went on Saturday it does a good job cleaning your vehicle

Claude J. Lavoie Never seen my car so clean since I have it. Thanks for using the best products on the market!

Stef Sylvain Its fast and works really well. I was able to get a snack and wash my car during my 15 minutes break from work!


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Julie and Danny St. Pierre, both working at other jobs but both dreaming of being their own boss, made a decision to begin their new journey. Along with their two children, Lyanne and Rene, and three employees, Gabriella M., Gabrielle P. and Danik, this family business is open for business!

From the Shell Express in Hearst Facebook page

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