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Protein Power

by: Meline Beach

Road trippers, commuters, students, and on-the-clock workers can fulfill their craving for protein-rich foods at their local convenience store. I’m not talking about the kind of protein you shake and sip or peel back the wrapper, but the fast, freshly prepared hot protein that you bite-your-teeth-into kind.

Fresh meat volume sales, in particular, are forecasted to grow 7.5 per cent in
Canada from 2017-2022.

While it may be easier to partner with a brand foodservice provider, c-store owners with their own foodservice program have the potential to turn a profit at the two-year mark once initial investments are covered. Junction Jubilee is a prime example. With a full-service kitchen in his c-store, Habib believes his foodservice program has the potential to surpass his traditional c-store product sales.

“The one thing I would want to stress is that you don’t want to make the investment in foodservice if you’re renting the business,” says Habib, who is looking to expand his foodservice offering based on its growth and success over the years. “You want to own it and keep the profits.”

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